Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nipple slip at the Ed Hardy Fashion Show Hell Yeah

Nipple Slips,women in lingerie, male models ripping off their shirt, and Ed Hardy’s Fall 2007 Line who could ask for anything more! Alex was drooling at the end of the catwalk but was able to capture this scandalously sexy show! You gotta love Ed Hardy (who’s taking over LA) and a nipple slip!

JP Calderon (Survivor) grabbed his crotch for cameras

Alex’s job with Janice is winding down (thank God ) but before it’s over he flew to Vegas with the models for the Ed Hardy Fall fashion show, at Project in Vegas. Project is a fashion convention for buyers of the country’s top stores…..and really it’s like a car show for gay guys.

The nipple slip is 1:40 in, in case you don’t care about the clothes!

The show went on for like 15 minutes so here’s some more…….

This one’s for the ladies because it’s more about the guys ripping off their shirts

The fashion was pretty fucking hot and every girl should own one of their new scarf dresses to lay out by the pool, nipples included!

Don’t miss season 3 of the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency and all the naught nude drama, when it premieres early 2008 on Oxygen.


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