Thursday, November 01, 2007

Some Shitty Britney Upskirt Pics in Fishnets

It's D-Day For Brit!

D stands for doody.

Brit Brit's album hit stores at midnight last night and what does this mean? There's a reason to get drunk and busted! Brit Brit, Sam Lufti, Alli Sims and other hanger-oners celebrated "Blackout's" release at Winston's last night.

Brit left the club shivering from the cold, but at least she covered up her gate to hell. She's not cold, she's having the "meth shakes." Smoke some weed and pop some ludes and it'll even you out.

I'm staring at these pictures trying to find something nice to say and there's nothing! Oh well....arms...look healthy! Wood-choppin' arms!