Thursday, November 01, 2007

Some Shitty Britney Upskirt Pics in Fishnets

It's D-Day For Brit!

D stands for doody.

Brit Brit's album hit stores at midnight last night and what does this mean? There's a reason to get drunk and busted! Brit Brit, Sam Lufti, Alli Sims and other hanger-oners celebrated "Blackout's" release at Winston's last night.

Brit left the club shivering from the cold, but at least she covered up her gate to hell. She's not cold, she's having the "meth shakes." Smoke some weed and pop some ludes and it'll even you out.

I'm staring at these pictures trying to find something nice to say and there's nothing! Oh well....arms...look healthy! Wood-choppin' arms!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Jennifer Ellison Gives Us The Greatest View Ever Again!

How come I never see hot chicks with huge breasts rollerblading in their bras around here? Oh right, that’s because Jennifer Ellison lives in the UK. Well, it has been nice living in North America, but I’ve made up my mind: I’m moving. The girls here are just too uptight, and un-athletic. See ya!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kim Kardashian’s Shitty Playboy Preview Video

If you haven’t heard already, Kim Kardashian is set to appear in the December 2007 issue of Playboy magazine and here is the preview. You would think that when you’re dealing with someone who has a public sex tape they would throw all class and dignity to the dogs, but here Kim is, shiny beads and wind blowing in her hair. Not quite the blowing we were hoping for, right?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lindsay Lohan boobs are really getting smaller!

Oh man this is serious stuff here! Lindsay Lohan boobs are gone? How is this possible! Are these pictures fake? They look very real to me! So let’s analyze this for a second! I think she still has her juicy boobs, but it’s the dress that makes them look smaller! Oh LiLo, you really got me there for a moment! Why on Earth don’t you try a bra? A transparent one at least! It can really pump your boobs sky high! You know like Victoria Beckham’s boobs! I know she had a plastic surgery to improve her funbags, but you don’t need that, all you need is a bra, plus you’ll have better control on them! So in the future

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens Marc Ecko Ads

Vanessa Hudgens is the new spokesmodel for Red by Marc Ecko, a contemporary young women’s apparel and footwear collection. The High School Musical star will be featured in in the fall and holiday 2007 and spring 2008 ad campaigns.
Here’s what the blurb says: “High School graduate Vanessa Hudgens celebrated her graduation (she was homeschooled) backstage during the shoot. Vanessa’s mom, her little sister, Stella, and her HSM co-star Ashley Tisdale were on hand for a cake from Sweet Lady Jane in LA and coffee treats from Starbucks.”
When Marc Ecko (founder and chief creative officer of Marc Ecko Enterprises) was asked about Vanessa’s nude photo scandal, he said, “More power to her. She made a mistake and has apologized for it. I’m just glad no one’s leaked the pictures of me in all of my naked glory.”

Lucy Pinder showing Sexy Boobs in 2008 Calendar

Today’s my birthday, which means I’ve finally turned 18… again, and it’s now legal for Lucy Pinder to have sex with me. So I’m ready baby! Just name the time and place and I’m there! We can begin shooting your 2009 calendar a little early this year.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nude Jolies saucy satin sheet photoshoot

Angelina Jolie is set to have fans drooling after posing for a new photoshoot in nothing but a satin sheet.
The 'Mr and Mrs Smith' star has posed for German mag Park Avenue for its latest issue, and will be seen on its cover covered in nothing save the silver garment and a pair of stilettos, reports The Sun.
Jolie will soon be fronting the campaign for clothing giant St John.
There were rumours that she was soon to be dropped from the company's ranks, but they were soon put to rest by the company's spokesperson.
"Rumours that St John has fired Angelina Jolie are untrue," the spokesperson said at the time.The spokesperson insisted that not only will Jolie be appearing in the current St John campaign, but also the Spring one.
"She appears in the current St John's campaign and she will appear in the upcoming Spring campaign as well," the rep said.
Jolie signed on to be the face of St John back in September 2005.