Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We would not call these Vanessa Hudgens lesbian photos.

We would not call these Vanessa Hudgens lesbian photos. They are just girls horsing around like teenages do, sticking their tongues out and kissing. No worries as you will see.

Vanessa issued an apology to her fans for the earlier nude pics. She took responsibility for her behavior and she did it fast, so those earn brownie points in celebrity scandals. All except for one photo are what you would normally see teenagers do. She is still a role model. No apology is necessary for these new photo


KANDEE! said...

OMG! i done dont like her any more! damn and i thought i wanted 2 be like her NO WAYY not no more! later hsm no more of that show 4 me

jeidii said...

i don't see anything malicious about those pictures. it's normal. duh?!

bubbles101010 said...

thats nothing commpaird to what i have seen

Charise said...

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Amy Marie said...

you know what, if she's a lezzie then so what? get the hell over it, if it was any other person other then her anyone who isnt famous, people would be all over that!!!!!!!!!!!