Thursday, September 06, 2007

Britney Spears's shortest dress and her monkey friends!

As usually Britney likes to shock! If not by her actions, then by her looks definitely! Just a few days ago I wrote an article on her extremely short dresses, and now i see her wearing the same kind of outfit! As i look at these pictures I see Britney closely followed by two idiots! One of them is looking like a bump, and the other one like a drunk monkey – the one with the lollipop in his mouth!- “Dude!!! check her out! I wanna bang her”! I guess they are trying to get a piece of Britney for their self, as she looks like a 30 dollars prostitute! So if i give you 30 dollars can I take you for a ride around the block? Actually i would rather go and buy some booze, rather then spend my night with such a .... “lady”! So for all you freaks out there, here are some trampy pictures, of our beloved – not – Britney Spears! Enjoy guys, i think she is not wearing any underwear either – I'm gonna throw up now... I hope you're happy!!!

1 comment:

quela67 said...

Has no one noticed that one of the 'idiots/monkeys' in the photos is Criss Angel?? Has he lost his mind??